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    git https error cannot open git-upload-pack


      We are trying to use github enterprise 11.10.340 with sql developer We can’t seem to get around this error.
      We have tried ssh keys and adding the parameter <param name="http.sslVerify">false</parm> to the files org-netbeans-libs-git.xml
      and org-eclipse-jgit.xml located under the install directories. We can connect to a git server without https. Has anyone tried adding the servers cert to the windows trusted root? We don't have permissions to do so.


      Anyone have any ideas or if we even have the correct config xml and parameter name?



      update: I was using the wrong clone, after choosing the correct ssh clone link the keys did work for us.

      We were also able to figure out how to add the parameter to the .gitconfig file used.


      sslVerify = false