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    How to integrate two oracle application using iSTUDIO

      we have to integrate two oracle application instances using Oracle application integration interconnect(istudio). We are using oracle application adapter for 1 instance and database adapter for other instance. Both the instances have to publish and subscribe. We have created a business event create customer for which the above applications are publishing and subscribing. When a customer is created in the published application what exactly must be done in order to move that to the subscribed application. Do we have to write a PL/SQL code for the above scenario, if yes then where it should be written?
      Any help is appreciated
      Thanks and Reagards
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          I think the easiest thing to do is to create 2 business events. One for publishing for each of the Apps instance.

          That way, you don't have to figure out which one was the publishing instance and which one was the subscribing.

          For the actual moving of the message, that's Interconnect's business. Read the manuals for the Apps adapter DB adapter, there are examples in there. I haven't worked with the Apps adapter, but for the DB adapter there is some PL/SQL coding required.

          Regards, Arjan

          P.S. Why aren't you using two Apps adapters?