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    FDM automation


      Hi, Can some body guide me how to automate the FDM process which loads data into HFM application? I need to automate the below FDM phases.. clear data->import data->Validate data ->Export data->Check Thanks R

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          You can automate the FDM workflow process by using the Batch Loader functionality native to FDM. Review the Batch Loader section in the FDM admin guide and then come back if you have any specific questions on this topic.

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            SH, 1)i think for Batch loader functionality we have to take separate license. YES/NO? 2)With Task manager we can't implement in prod as our user has no access to the prod technical environment. 3)We are thinking that we can implement the 4 fish automation using ODI. as we have license for ODI. If the answer to question 3 is YES..is there any document how to implement this with ODI. OUR environment versions: EPM ODI- Please guide us Thanks R

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              1) What licence do you have? Is it just a license for a single adapter or a licence for the FDM adapter suite. If it is the second you are licensed to use the batch loader functionality. If you do not have a license for batch loader and lights out automation is a requirement I would suggest purchasing it. The other alternative is to write your own custom scripts to perform the automation but this may require you to engage a specialist partner for consultancy, is time consuming and would need to be tested for robustness and would not be covered under any support agreement you may have with Oracle.

              2) You don't need task manager to schedule batch loads, you can use any scheduling software / batch scripts etc containing the appropriate call to upsShell.exe

              3) The only thing you could realistically automate via ODI is the scheduling architecture around a call to the upsShell.exe to initiate the FDM workflow process, whether using the batch load functionality or custom scripts.




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                1)We don't have license for FDM adapter suite.all we have is license for single adapter. My client is not interested in spending money in taking the license. --so we can't go with Batch loader route. 2)the only option we have is Custom scripts & and we can use ODI(as we have license with ODI). How do we build 4 fish process with custom scripts?any guidence/Documentation? Thanks R

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                  As I mentioned in the previous post if you want to go down the custom script route and don't have the expertise yourself you will need look at engaging a consultant familiar with the FDM API who can do this for you, it is not a no cost option. There is no documentation out there telling you how to do this as that is what the batch loader has been designed to do. If you want to do it yourself you need to familiarize yourself with the FDM API and try to develop something similar.

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                    SH, Ok..even if we hire expertise on FDM API..what is the role of ODI here? only for scheduling those custom scripts??? Thanks R

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                      ODI would only be for scheduling the automated process. If you want to retain the functionality of FDM you would need to use the upsShell.exe application shipped with FDM to call the FDM initiate the FDM custom scripts / automation process. You can then wrap this call in an ODI package. Your other alternative is to get rid of the FDM component and build an integration to load HFM using ODI knowledge modules, you would however lose all the benefits FDM offers as out-of the-box functionality i.e. user friendly import / mapping definitions and intersection check reports etc.


                      My advice would be to reopen discussions with your client around batch loader if they are serious about requiring a lights out automated process for executing the FDM workflow,  based on a proper cost / benefit / risk analysis.

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                        SH, I discussed with the team. My client is not interested in buying the batch loader license because of budget issue.I have to call the FDM four fish functionality API's with ODI and automate and schedule it using ODI Package. FDM ODI Give some guidance on it please? Thanks R

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                          Familiarize yourself with the FDM API documentation and exmples in it. Learn how to call FDM scripts externally using the upShell.exe utility that ships as part if FDM so you can integrate into an overall ODI scheduled process. Test,test,test.