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    Dashboard Prompted Link w/ variable


      Hello.  Is it possible to "Create Prompted Link" on a dashboard - and pass in repository variables instead of a specific value?  For example:  Pass in the "CURRENTMTH" variable instead of "January" or the "CURRENTYR" variable instead of "2015"

      Thank you for your help.

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          Gianni Ceresa


          Do you mean to automatically add the reference to the variables in the generated link? If yes I will say you can't change the way the link is generated ...


          If it's more a generic question on how you can change the link to reference the variables instead of theirs values for a give link the answer is yes, but ...


          Any prompt not included in the link will take its default value. So if your prompt has the variable as default value all you need to do is to delete from the link the part referencing the 2 columns you want to be defined by the variables "CURRENTMTH" and "CURRENTYR".


          For every prompted column you must have 3 params in the link: colX, valX, psaX (X start from 1 and is incremented for every prompt column).

          Remove the 3 parameters for the 2 columns that need to be set by the variables and change the number for all the remaining colX, valX, psaX params to start from 1 and be incremented (if you leave a "hole" in the numbering it will not work correctly).