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    FDMEE Event Script - BefFileImport


      Hi All,


      I was looking to do use the Dynamically Changing Import functionality that the FDMEE Admin guide refers to (see below).  However, BefFileImport event script doesn't seem to be an option in Script Editor.  I also just created a file called BefFileImport.py and it didn't register when I ran a load process.


      Is this an oversight in the admin guide and they forgot to add this to FDMEE or am I missing something?






      Dynamically Changing Import Formats


      You can use the BefFileImport event to modify the import format for a location dynamically.



      if fdmContext["LOCNAME"] == "ITALY":


      filename = fdmContext["FILENAME"]


      if filename[:12] == "ProductSales":


      fdmAPI.updateImportFormat("SALESJOURNAL", fdmContext["LOADID"])