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    Unable to migrate FDM users after changing HSS login attribute to uid

    Seb L

      Hi all,


      We are on FDM

      We have recently changed our HSS login attribute to uid (from sAMAccountName). All FDM users have been correctly reprovisioned  in shared Services.

      However we are unable to log on to FDM.

      We have tried running the FDM User Migration utility however it does not pick up the new users ( or the new uid format). If we select existing users and click migrate we receive a "User not found" error.


      In FDM if we click New User we can see all new users. The problem is we have over 200 users to migrate and some of them have access to 50+ locations. Therefore a manual migration is not possible.

      Is there a way to automate the user migration process so that FDM picks up the new user format?


      Thanks for your help.