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    Regarding Code Coverage Stats Reports using sql developer


      Hi SQL Developers Experts,

      I want to generate code coverage reports using sql developer, I did following things for the unit test case,

      1. Create Unit Test

      2.Run the Unit Test - After Unit Test Run, now I am able to see the (e.g. in All Test Implementation Runs - 3 test case generated like AWARD_BONUS, AWARD_BONUS_NO_COMM_EXC,SP_RECCREATION_REVENUE_SET_DTL) and the same 3 tests also visible in All TesT Run)

      Now I want to generate the Test Run code coverage reports and see it.

      When I go in Suite Runs Code Coverage item then first a popup window opened, asking Enter Bind Values like Unit Owner or Unit Name. I understand for Unit Owner is the the test case user lD(repository owner e.g. PRICING) etc so whether am I right if not please advice. And what is the value of Unit Name? Even if I am not supplied any values to any one and checked 'NULL' and then clicked 'Apply' then in Suit Code Coverage Summery and details pane did not fetch any records which I suppose to list the 3 test to me.


      Please advise me how to generate the code coverage stats report for the unit test which I ran(3 unit test case)

      Expecting answers very quickly from the experts.


      Regards, Navnit