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    How can I create a table with ETL Run DateTime information?




      I've searched this forum regarding my question. I saw an archived discussion (How to display ETL run date in the title view of any report.) but the details were not provided. My first objective is to display the last successful ETL run date in the subtitle of the report. But I thought it is also nice (or greedy) to have a report that I could use to display the historical results of ETL runs: ie., daily elapsed time of ETL, error message if any, etc.


      I read about creating a repository variable for the last ETL run date. Where/How do I start? Could someone send me the steps or link on how to create this?

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          Gianni Ceresa

          Where do you start?

          You start by finding where does your ETL store execution logs (start/end time, status, errors etc.).

          It must be a source OBIEE can read (DB table ideally), then you bring it into OBIEE.

          Because you want more than just the last exec time in a variable but you want some reporting on these data you just model it as any other kind of data in OBIEE so you can build analysis on top of it (and also set a variable for your subtitle).