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    BIP Deployment security issue




      I have deployed BI Publisher.

      When I log in to BIP with the user BI_ADMIN, I do not see Administration tab and some catalog folders are missing.

      The login with user TAX_MGR_ITALY fails.

      Although I am successfully able to log in with the user : weblogic/weblogic1 and upon log in do see the Administration tab and all catalog folders are present.


      Refreshed the GUIDs through corresponding changes in the files instanceconfig.xml and NQSConfig.xml.

      Exported DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift (after taking backup) from another working BIP installation and imported the same in this new BIP deployment.

      Also replaced system-jazn-data.xml (after taking backup) with that of another working BIP installation.


      None of the above steps have resolved the issue.

      Please advise.