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    How does repeated snapshot import impact tablespace free space?




      Our client is doing DEC-2014 reconciliation in FCM. Every time he changes profile mappings he has to do snapshot import again. So far he did at least ten times snapshot import for DEC-2014 period. In our FCM database Tablespace FCM_TX_TS_DATA free space is reduced 7 GB for this period already by querrying dba_free_space table.


      By my understanding during the repeated snapshot import for the same period, the previous load data is deleted and the current load data is inserted. After data delete the table space will not be set free, and high water mark will not be reset.


      During snapshot import will the deleted blocks from the previous load be reclaimed when new load data is inserted in the table? If not, what is the best way to reclaim the free space in FCM_TX_TS_DATA tablespace?



      Hongfei Liu (AT&T)