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    Returning from a JSF flow with faces-redirect


      I'm using Glassfish 4.1 with JSF 2.2.9. I can't figure out how to return from a JSF flow with a redirect. I've tried this in the flow definition xml:


      <flow-return id="returnFromFlow">




      This does the redirect but results in navigation errors on the page, specifically the button that enters the flow again: "Unable to find matching navigation case from view ID '/index.xhtml' for outcome 'select-person'" (the flow is called select-person).

      I've also tried appending faces-redirect=true to the action of the commandButton that exits the flow. Now the flow does not exit, it reloads the current page within the flow and says "Unable to find matching navigation case with from-view-id '/select-person/select-person.xhtml' for action 'returnFromFlow?faces-redirect=true' with outcome 'returnFromFlow?faces-redirect=true'"

      Exiting the flow with h:link works, but I want to be able to call an action and submit form values with the button so that isn't a good workaround for me.

      What's kind of interesting is that navigating between views within the flow DOES work with faces-redirect=true. I can add a "step2" node, and a commandButton with action="step2?faces-redirect=true", and it works. It's just exiting the flow that does not work.

      Any ideas?