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    OBIEE 11g retrieving username from the active session to use in JavaScript


      Hello Colleagues,


      I have a button on a dashboard that calls JavaScript code to create a file, but the file name is fixed and I want to embed the User ID of the currently logged in user in it. Here's the existing code:


      <a href="javascript:void(null);" onclick="var abc=confirm('Do you want to Create a Delete File?');if(!abc){return false;};NQWClearActiveMenu(); Download('saw.dll?Go&amp;Action=Download&amp;Options=d&amp;path=%2Fshared%2FIRD%2FReports%2FOther%20Assets%20%26%20Liabilities(OAL)%2FDelete_OTHER_ASSETS_AND_LIABILITIES&Format=CSV&Extension=.csv');return false">Create a Delete File</a>

      How can I retrieve the User ID and incorporate it in the string above, to get the file name to be something like "DELETE_OTHER_ASSETS_AND_LIABILITIES_CURRENTUSER.CSV"?


      Thanks in advance for any help,