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    Create Requisition with multiple line using Requisition Import


      Hi All,


      I have a requirement where I have to create 1 requisition with multiple lines. In my csv file I am passing 2 rows of data with different item and vendor. While calling Requisition Import I used the following code.


      lv_req_id := fnd_request.submit_request(application => 'PO',          -- application

                                                   program     => 'REQIMPORT',   -- program

                                                   argument1   => '',         -- import source

                                                   argument2   => gv_request_id, -- batch id

                                                   argument3   => 'All',         -- group by

                                                   argument4   => NULL,          -- last requisition number

                                                   argument5   => 'Yes',          -- multiple distribution

                                                   argument6   => 'Yes'          -- initiate approval after ReqImport


      Even after using All it is creating multiple requisitions with single line.


      Can someone guide as to what I may have miss.