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    Is this the standard way SQL Developer reports the failure of a automated unit test?


      I am creating a unit test using SQL developer to test a Procedure. 


      I use a "boolean function" for the process validation. This is my function:



          l_count NUMBER;    



             SELECT COUNT(*) INTO l_count FROM Int_Case_Id_For_Unit_Test WHERE test_successful = 'TRUE';    


             WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN    

                l_count := 0;    


          IF l_count = 1    THEN    

              RETURN TRUE;    


              RETURN FALSE;    

          END IF;    



      The logic is, when my procedure is executed, it will updated the test_successful column of Int_Case_Id_For_Unit_Test table with TRUE or FALSE.


      Now, when I run this test, I get with correct data which should return success, I get correctly 4 green right-signs and status = SUCCESS for all steps.


      Now, when I give values to my procedure which should make it fail.  For the test run, I get this:

      Test Run  "Validation #1: Private(Boolean function) STATUS ERROR  Operation Call SUCCESS Message Validation Boolean function failed: Boolean function check returned false.


      I just want to know is this the way a test run reports a failure??? Is this the standard way SQL Developer reports the failure of a test???