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    How to proxy ords apex listener from tomcat 8 via an apache reverse proxy


      I've search everywhere for a simple answer, and none that work exists!


      I've configured a Tomcat 8 server with an  apex connector to




      This works great, and I can login and do stuff as normal just like my OHS mod_plsql apex connection.


      So to proxy this via apache, I would normally just add these two lines:

      ProxyPass /apex         http://localhost:8080/apex_rest

      ProxyPassReverse /apex  http://localhost:8080/apex_rest


      What initially appears to work, doesn't actually. The initial login page is displayed, BUT when I try to

      login via the proxy, it fails! And shows another screen with :


      'Enter Application Express internal administration credentials'




      Which means essentially, enter your details again .... which I have tried and it repeatedly fails.




      So I scrapped that and tried the ajp protocol method with:


      LoadModule proxy_ajp_module "D:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_FRHome/ohs/modules/mod_proxy_ajp.so"

      ProxyRequests Off

      #<Proxy *>

      #        Order deny,allow

      #        Deny from all

      #        Allow from localhost


      ProxyPass /apex         ajp://localhost:8009/apex_rest/

      ProxyPassReverse /apex ajp://localhost/apex_rest/


      This works even less than the normal proxy method! Tomcat is serving on port 8009 using ajp, but when

      I try to access it via apache with the url



      I get this as a location response in the header

      1. Location:http://<server>/apex_rest/

      followed by 404 not found from apache .... which is supposed to be proxying it.


      I've tried various other combinations, but nothing appears to work. Reading the ords installation guide and it only glances over proxying.

      Can someone please give solid/working examples on how to proxy ords via Apache. Ideally for Tomcat, but I see this being not much different between weblogic and the like.