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    ORDS v3 and APEX tabular form issue

    Senthil Lawanya



      We encountered strange issue after installing ORDS v3 EA to test, thought I would report this. I'm not sure if its a bug but it seems to be reproducible in our instance.



      1) Install ORDS v3 with Glassfish deployment.

      2) Go to APEX builder -> Page with report (classic or interactive) -> Edit Attributes -> Change data in column attempt to save throws out "ORA-01403: no data found"


      3) Create APEX app -> Build page with DML form and Tabular form -> Edit tabular form attempt to save throws out same error.


      Application error logs shows:


      ORA-20987: APEX - Unable to change column attributes. - ORA-01403: no data foundWWV_FLOW_SECURITYFINAL_EXCEPTION_HANDLER


      Also, I was unable to get RESTFul services working with APEX no matter how I configured ORDS v3. I don't encounter these issues when reverting back to version 1.x , 2.x


      APEX Version:

      Oracle DB:

      Glassfish : open source edition 4.1