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    Any word on the webservices adapter?

      It was promised to be released last year but still hasn't arrived.

      I read on this forum that I can create a workaround by letting the HTTP adapter post to a servlet, which in turn calls the webservice, but that creates all kinds of unwanted side effects.

      Interconnect not being able to connect to a webservice is not what you'd expect in this day and age.


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          I agree with you. I think the best option right now is to use HTTP adapter and custom servlet to do the trick. In fact that's how I am doing in our current project. All outbound interations go through one common HTTP adapter regardless of transport and I am using the Apache commons libraries to post messages via FTP/HTTP and SOAP protocols. This way you have a common gateway out and also put all your logging/monitoring pieces in one place.

          I beleive with the latest release ( of interconnect there is a native BPEL plug-in and JCA adapter. I know the adapter framework is based on Apache WSIF. So conceptually you can call any WSDL service provided there is a suitable WSIF provider. In your case it is SOAP.

          Oracle seems to be investing big on their Oracle BPEL solution. So you guys can look into Oracle BPEL which may be little sophisticated based on your requirements but looks impressive on paper.


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            Hi Rajesh,

            I know Oracle's BPEL solutions, but it would be like killing a bug with a cannon, especially from a financial point of view. My client already has an Interconnect license and would will not be amused if they'd have to spend more money on a new product.

            Thanks for your reply and I guess using the HTTP adapter/servlet combination appears to be the best/only solution.


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              Hello Arjen,

              I want to use the workaround with HTTP-adapter for invoking web-services.
              Can you tell me what the unwanted side-effect are that you are complaining about?

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                Hi Monique,

                For the most part, it would be harder (i.e. more expensive) to maintain. Instead of configuring a WS adapter, you now have to configure and maintain the HTTP adapter, Java servlet code and parts of the application server that hosts the servlet.

                Furthermore, it adds points of failure to the integration scenario. Webserver can fail, java servlet may contain bugs.

                Lastly (and I'm not sure about this) is performance. Instead of requesting infromation from a webservice directly, a URL is queried, which invokes a servlet, which in turn queries the webservice. I have no idea how this impacts performance, but I'm pretty sure it won't improve.