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    Oracle MOS for Partners?


      The conversion to My Oracle Support (MOS) seems to have missed a critical component: certified partners' ability to access cases filed on behalf of our clients. Based on documentation in the MOS portal, we have to have access to a letter from Oracle to enable SI's in our profile to access cases for that client. From the documentation:


      "A Support Identifier (SI) identifies the products that your company has purchased and your level of support for these products. Some companies have only one SI but most companies have more than one SI. The SI is included in the welcome letter sent from Oracle to the technical contact listed in your company's contract. It is required to access Oracle Support Services, including My Oracle Support and phone support.

      An active SI is an SI associated with a current support contract. If the support contract associated with an SI expires, the SI also expires. If you have only one SI in your profile and that SI has expired, you will have access only to your user profile, through the My Account page."


      Maybe I'm missing something here, but this appears to be a significant issue in terms of logging and working cases on behalf of our clientele. Are any other partners experiencing a lack of ability to access their clients' support cases through MOS?