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    Generic subscriber


      Can we create a single publisher or a single subscriber in Oracle interconnect that will publish or subscribe any type of message ?

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          If you are asking, "Will my subscribing adapter pick up all different message types?" then the answer is "No", unless you have created a subscribing event for each of message types.

          Please can you let us know what you are trying to do?

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            Thanks for the reply.
            My requirement is:

            I have a main application (App A) which needs to be integrated with 4 systems (B,C,D & E) as of now. This application count will be increased quiet frequently.

            The Application A speaks with all other application using a XML file. The structure of the XML file created by the application A will be different for each of the subscribed application. Also the xml file needs to do the same process (big complex logics) in the each of the respective application.

            I am trying to have a single publisher to read all the different xml structure file and and publish it to the respective subsriber. By doing this, we can reduce the redunancy in the code and the maintainence will also be very easy.

            My questions are

            1. Can we do this ?
            2. If yes, will there be any performance issue because of this implementation?

            Thanks for your time.