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    Schedule file import into CDO

    James Solo

      Hello All,


      I've been struggling with support on getting a resolution to this.  Is it possible to schedule a daily file import from an SFTP site to a CDO?  If so, what are the required steps to do so in E10?


      Many thanks,


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          Rohit Gudipudi

          yes you can. contacts --> custom objects --> select the custom object you want to work with --> custom object (to the right) --> upload custom objects --> name it and select the settings to be "file over ftp" --> as you progress it will ask for credentials and file location etc and the field mapping and scheduling info ( set the upload to be executed at set times)

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            I second Rohit Gudipudi. This is it, this is the way to schedule file import into CDO.


            Steps-- >

            1.Select the concerned Custom Data Object.

            2. From Options in right, select UPLOAD CUSTOM OBJECTS.

            3.Name the file/selection and select "Send file over FTP"

            4.Your credentials would be asked in the process, along with the file location etc.

            5. Schedule the time and everything at your convenience.


            You are good to go. :-)




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              Rohit Gudipudi hello I stumbled upon this post and was wondering if you could help me with some problems I keep having with trying to complete "file over ftp" into my CDO. Just as some context I have successfully uploaded this same file into my CDO via Excel as the "Data Upload Source" so I know that the file itself can be uploaded to the CDO successfully in a different manner. But I wanted to experiment with automating/scheduling the process of uploading custom object records into my CDO. Anyways,

              I have a .xlsx with a size of 10.6 KB that I keep trying to file over ftp into my CDO but during the "upload custom object records" wizard when I get to this screen


              it appears to just timeout when I click "Upload and Preview Data". Then when I click "previous" to return to the 1st step of the wizard and then press "next" to get back to the screen above it displays an error message at the top of the screen that says "Error-Data Upload Sources".


              So I'm wondering is there a problem with the way I'm entering my credentials as far as the "Address" goes? what I entered into that field is "sftp://EloquaSFTPUser@" which I believe should follow the correct protocol for entering in your file address

              on the ftp server. I've also tried the entire process using just an ftp account instead of an sftp account as pictured above. I know that the password in the second screenshot appears shorter than the password in the first screen shot. I'm not sure why this happens but when I originally

              reach step 2 and enter the password I know it is correct but the upload and preview times out. Then when I click "previous" then "next" to return to the screen in the second screen shot it automatically displays a password of a shorter length for some reason I am not quite sure. Do you have any possible insight into my situation? Also just as one last fail safe to confirm why this may not be working I tried going to "Data Export & Import" section in the "Setup" menu and the first thing that displayed on the page was this message.


              Does this mean that I wouldn't have proper access to complete "file over ftp" into my CDO as well? Sorry for such a long post but I have been having a tough time with this please any help you could offer would be very much appreciated.

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                Teiu Codrin

                Can this be made to happend recurrenlty like an Import we do for contacts, or it's a one time thing that you have to do manually if you want to bring in records like every few days?

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                  I had the same problem with my sftp import.

                  You need to remove "sftp://"


                  For example:

                  If my server address is: sftp://serverAdress.com/path/to/files, you may write only serverAdress.com on the address field.


                  I hope that help you like me.

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                    Jeff Troxel

                    I am so glad this question was posted with a workable solution provided! The Eloqua CDO documentation (https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCAA/#Help/CustomObjects/Tasks/UploadingMultipleCustomObjectRecords… ) is silent on this feature which led me to believe the only option for scheduled imports over remote SFTP was for Contact/Account records using the Contacts > Tools > Data Export and Import setup.

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                      I am successfully configured to import the data from SFTP to CDO.

                      For new contacts, it's working correctly. But, for the Existing contacts, the values are not updated, but still I am receiving the Upload notification saying the contacts are edited.


                      Can anyone please help me to solve this out?

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                        Based on the Data Import Priority in Inbound settings, it works for the existing contacts as well.