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    Eloquan's looking to lend a hand


      Hello EloKings and EloQueens,


      In the Marketing Job Board I have been seeing an increased amount of activity, especially over the past week. The talent pool for our skills isn't as deep as hiring managers might like, so you all have a hard road ahead to make that skill and personality fit. I empathize, but definitely don't envy your difficult task. With that in mind, I want to help if i can.


      We are a great community, and I know we all like to see each other succeed so I wanted to start a thread not currently available on the Marketing Job Board. That is, a temp resource list of Eloquan's, similar to Eloquan's Seeking New Opportunities, just without the "new home" component. A list of people like myself who are happy where we are, but have the skills availability to help you out temporarily or for limited hours.


      Like the Eloquan's Seeking New Opportunities thread, add yourself in the comments if you are willing and able to help out others on a limited basis with their crushing workloads. Id like this to be the place anyone needing a short term engagement can more easily find you in their time of need.



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