Gravity Forms + Eloqua


    Hey everyone,


    Just wanted to share a contribution to this community to help others that might be using WordPress and Eloqua. This is a plugin that integrates Eloqua with a popular forms plugin for WordPress called Gravity Forms:



    There seems to still be one major bug lingering and that's posting the form data to Eloqua through the API. As of now, I haven't been successful in getting it to show up in Eloqua, but possibly with the help of some other developers in this community, we can squash that bug. Here's where it all happens:


    Building the Form Submission object to send to Eloqua:


    Submitting the Form Data:


    Making the API call:


    I'm not 100% sure where my problem is occurring. The response I get from Eloqua doesn't seem right, it's almost like I'm doing a GET on /data/form/ID rather than a POST. Anyway, please feel free to submit a Pull Request if you have anything to contribute or let me know if you know what's wrong with it and I can update it. Thanks again!

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