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    The Next Frontier of Marketing Automation


      With Inbound Marketing taking a more prominent role in the Marketing Mix, I am wondering what the next frontier for Marketing Automation and Eloqua will be.  I know that Eloqua already offers the Social Suite which allows you to integrate social sign-on and social data/content into your Eloqua landing pages, but I see the need to take it to the next level.  When will we have the capability to use Profile and Digital Body Language to drive ads and content on social media platforms?  I saw an article today on TechCrunch that Facebook will begin to allow partners to target ads to Facebook users based off of email address.  These ads could then drive someone to the company's Facebook page or onto their web site.  This to me seems like the missing link.  Since Eloqua is driven by email address, having a Facebook plugin that would enable you to manage Facebook ads and content from within Eloqua would be ideal.  I see the end-to-end scenario looking like this...


      • People browsing Facebook see a Facebook ad that is targeted to them based off of email address (an ad that was submitted to Facebook by Eloqua)
      • If they click through the ad, it either takes them to your company's Facebook page (where there is lots of content and links that have been posted using Eloqua to "Eloqua-ize" all the links), or takes them to your web site (where the content is dynamically presented by your CMS based off of Eloqua profile information)
      • Depending on their subsequent actions, Eloqua can enter them into both inbound and outbound campaigns designed to deliver right message / right time, depending on lead score and where we see them to be in their buyer's journey. 


      This is the end goal.  Imagine being able to automate social media interactions and ads to people based off of Eloqua persona and digital body language!!  To present them with information (across all inbound and outbound channels) that helps them with the next step in their buyer's journey.  I am using Facebook as an example because of the article I saw, but I could see this being used in all Social Media platforms like Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Foursquare, etc.


      What are your thoughts?  Should Eloqua begin incorporating more inbound into the overall mix of what it can manage for Marketing Automation?

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          First, the word is Eloquize. I made it up a few years ago and shared it here on Topliners a couple of months ago. Look for buttons with this on it at EE12. heatherfoeh is working on the appropriate swag for this event.


          Regarding your comments, I agree. I work on a regular basis to change perceptions within my organization that Eloqua isn't an "Email Tool" but a true (and developing) Marketing Automation Platform. Currently digital body language and the use of cookies to profile customers using progressive profiling have shown that Eloqua already sees the horizon and is moving in that direction. Do they still need more work? Yeah, but name anyone that would have even thought of this 10 years ago or even seen the power (although diminishing of late) that Facebook would wield. Eloqua does need to keep developing their tools to expand beyond the core email and outbound activities. That said, I don't put the burden completely on them. It's up to us as leaders in marketing automation to demand more from other partners in the marketplace. This influence should then be represented in the development of cloud-based applications that will connect, support and enhance the capabilities of Eloqua.

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            I LOVE this thread.  Thanks kurtstoll and dliloia!  I've forwarded this to some key senior leadership at Eloqua including joepayne stevewoods pteshima ashootm

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              Hi Dave,


              Thanks for the reply.


              I agree that we should be pushing our partners to develop more Eloqua cloud connectors.  At the same time however, Eloqua can "prime the pump" so to speak, and develop some of these on their own (using the Facebook API for example) to get the ball rolling.  I would even see this as an additional revenue source for Eloqua.


              Best Rgds,



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                Thanks Jill !  I am excited about the future of Marketing Automation and look forward to the new directions that Eloqua may take.

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                  Jocelyn Brown-Oracle

                  Hi Kurt - I have been thinking some of the same things.  I started by career at DoubleClick selling media so can see a ton of opportunity out there to tailor and optimize ads buys using digital body language.  With the amount of attention that the space is getting and how creative our customer base is I have no doubt that we will see some of this stuff evolve.  What about influencing your prospects influencers during a buying cycle to put you top of mind not just with them but with their word of mouth network?  When I first started in digital marketing integration was a herculean effort, now with everyone having an open APIs the possibilities are truly endless.


                  It's going to be a fun ride!

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                    Influencing your prospects influencers...  Very Meta !   I like it !

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                      I also just saw where Jeff Ernst with Forrester agrees with this.  Check out the following quote from his podcast with The Marketing Automation Times...



                      Advice on how to systematize B2B social marketing activities and insight on what marketing automation vendor(s) are leading from a Social Media perspective:

                      The demand gen focused vendors, Eloqua was the first to go down the social path of creating plugins that help people improve the conversion of their landing pages by showing friends that like this page.  Marketo made the first big move when they acquired CrowdFactory.  CrowdFactory is more interested in social amplification, getting more people participating in your campaigns and spread those campaigns to their social networks.  Where I have not seen anybody do a good job is in the whole area of social publishing and that’s where some of these social media platforms like Vitrue (purchased by Oracle) and Buddy Media (purchased by Salesforce).  This is a big missing piece by marketing automation vendors.


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                        Jason Kort



                        As you referenced from Jeff Ernst's comments on Marketing Automation Times, it will be interesting to see if social marketing functionality is owned by Marketing Automation or by CRM.  For example, social media sessions dominate the upcoming Salesforce.com Dreamforce annual conference and you can read more here...



                        The 'Marketing Cloud' is to be main focus with their recent acquisitions of Radian6 (social listening) and Buddy Media (social marketing).

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                          This year will be my first Dreamforce event, and I was a little put off by how much social there was on the agenda. As Kurt has brought up here in a very interesting subject, there is a lot that automation and other elements can do to bring excellence to the marketing process. I too am curious about the question you raised regarding where does social sit in the broader organization. Right now within PerkinElmer, social is part of our strategic marketing team as opposed to web, marketing ops or any other group. While I can see this being valuable in managing the message, branding and flow it also doesn't allow us to take control of things like single sign-on, developing cross platform tools and driving inbound activities through social channels. I think many organizations are challenged with this as they begin to see the need to develop in house social infrastructure within their teams and decide to create more formal processes and programs.

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                            Rob Bois

                            David, I am the owner of the Eloqua Social Suite from a product marketing perspective here at Eloqua, so I have an opportunity to do a lot of talks, round tables, and other discussions about the challenges and opportunities with social from a demand gen perspective.  By far the biggest hurdle I hear is that social is owned by PR, content marketing, or corporate marketing and don't want to open the social channels to marketing ops or demand gen teams.  They feel that they've spent a great deal of time and effort building the brand on social, and don't want to be open to any risk.  I've found that part of the problem is that they don't understand how social might be used in campaigns and communication can go a long way.  For example, social sharing tools can be great tools to further amplify the messages being generated socially by the content teams.  And social sign-on can mine rich social data that could be used to further tune messaging and also increase the sphere of followers.  But like any new channel, the first on the scene usually owns it and it takes time and trust to fully integrate it across functions.  As we continue to build out tools and partners like salesforce.com further educate I think we'll see the barriers continue to break down. 

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                              You've nailed it on the head. This is exactly the problem that we see. The other challenge that I always find is that even though they own the messaging, those individuals generally don't understand how to use the right "voice" or tense when speaking in the social environment which is vastly different than speaking in a brochure, flyer, press release and website. Ironically, the people who are more familiar with this type of communication are usually the technologists such as marketing ops because we've been using Twitter since the beta.

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                                Steve Woods

                                Great thread, love the discussions!  And yes, this is very much where our labs team is experimenting and working. Essentially, the job of marketing is to change the perspective of buyers by getting great content in front of them and noticed by them.  That requires a couple of things to be true - the content needs to reach them (delivery) and be noticed (attention).  What Eloqua, and marketing automation, in its earliest days added to email (a delivery channel) was essentially the ability to cater the timing and content of messages to buyer interest (to get attention) by looking at their digital body language. 


                                Arguably, a sales team is also a way of delivering a message, and Eloqua added an improved ability for sales teams to get the attention of prospects by highlighting leads that were truly showing interest at that moment in time. 


                                So, fast forward to today…  social is a great phenomenon, and done well, it can get content in front of buyers and noticed by them.  However it’s a bit different.  Delivery, if you can call it that, is controlled by the network of peers who like/share content.  So, rather than collecting names or buying distribution, we need to create and publish the right content that is interesting, relevant, controversial, etc. This is very much inline with Jeff Ernst’s point.  Getting a person’s attention via social relates to both what the content is, and who the content is shared by.  Again, content is king here, rather than the social games and gadgets that encourage near-term pushing of content.


                                Advertising is also very interesting, as per the conversation above.  In essence, advertising is just trying to deliver a message and get people’s attention.  However, advertising has suffered from the same challenge that undifferentiated email suffers from.  If a person is not interested in a certain message at that moment in time, they will tune out the ad quickly.  Eloqua has a good insight into when a person, and by proxy a company, is interested in a certain message.  As noted, Ad networks are getting much more sophisticated on how they can target messages and how open they are to integration.


                                Thanks again for starting a great thread, I’ve enjoyed reading it.  Please do let me know if you or anyone would be interested in being involved with any early betas of product innovations in these areas if we do bring something to market (nothing at the moment, but would love to know who’s interested).

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                                  I think this is because we are all taught that social has to always = personal.  I think that social will be (for companies) a combination of personal + content + offers.  Finding the right mix is the tricky part, but I can see Marketing Ops playing a greater role in the delivery of offers via social and that will be in addition to the great content and personal conversations/contributions of PR/Content Marketing/Corporate Marketing.

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                                    Hi Steve.  Definitely interested in being involved in any early betas of product innovation in this area whenever available.


                                    Thanks !!

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