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    Good Marketing Books


      I'm always looking to learn more about Marketing. Let's start a discussion by sharing our favorites and/or what we're currently reading. I'll start:


      Currently Reading: The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott. I'm only a few chapters in, so I don't have much of an opinion yet.


      Just Finished: Landing Page Optimization by Tim Ash. I won this book at Dreamforce and finally read it. Every marketer needs to read the first eight chapters. If you are creating landing pages on a regular basis, check out the entire book. The last third is a bit dry, but you'll know everything there is to know about testing a landing page. I highly recommend.


      Who's next?

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          Bryan - awesome idea for a thread! I wanted to share this link as it might have some ideas in there for your next book: Eloqua book of book reviews

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            I just finished a class that used "New Rules" as the text.  I'll be interested to hear your thoughts once you've completed it

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              I just bought The New Rules of Marketing and PR in the last few weeks - haven't got round to reading it yet. I'll keep an eye out for Tim Ash's book.


              I was given a copy of Emarketing Excellence by David Chaffey and PR Smith at a Digital Strategy course in London. I've only started into it, but its pretty comprehensive. Worth a look at.

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                This is great. Thanks a lot, Heather.

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                  I'd like to suggest the book I published this year on lead management entitled Manufacturing Demand - The Principles of Successful Lead Management




                  In Manufacturing Demand, I focus on how savvy marketers can embrace the automation principles that drove "factory thinking" in the industrial age, and apply them to the information age to drive revenue.


                  Some Highlights the book covers:

                  - The rise of the "marketing geek" to support the newly emerging fifth and sixth P's of marketing: Process and Programming 

                  - Key practices and principles of creating your demand-generation factory including: 

                  •   Buyer Personas 
                  •   The Demand Funnel 
                  •   Lead Scoring 
                  •   Lead Nurturing 
                  •   Analytics 

                  - Actionable tips and recommendations for success 

                  - Real-world case studies showcasing how leading companies are achieving tremendous results applying these principles of successful lead management


                  Love your feedback!

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                    Jocelyn Brown-Oracle

                    One of the last marketing books that I read that I really enjoyed is Joseph Jaffe's 'Flip the Funnel: How to Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones.' In this age of social, peer recommendations, and the fact that we no longer control our messaging or brand it gave me a lot of good stuff to think about.  Thanks for this string.  You are reminding me that I need to revisit a few of these.

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                      Hi Amanda,

                      I just finished New Rules. It recommend it, but I have a mixed opinion on it.



                      • 90% of the book covered stuff that I already knew. I think that most Modern Marketers will be in the same boat.
                      • The author is on Eloqua's Advisory Board and he even had an anecdote about Joe Payne. But there was no talk of digital body language! The book was published in late 2011, so one would think the concept of DBL would be mentioned as a New Rule of Marketing.



                      • While I already "knew" almost everything in the book, that doesn't mean I "remembered" it all. This book is a handy resource for any marketer.
                      • It motivated me. All I could think about while reading it was: "I wish that I had a new product/new company, so I could do all this stuff from scratch."


                      What did you think of it?

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                        This is actually on my work computer's desktop! I haven't read it in full, but I've jumped through it and referenced it on multiple occasions.


                        I posted it to Chatter at work too. I mentioned that you didn't require a form to obtain it. A few of us Eloqua geeks loved it. Some of the old timers thought it was blasphemy.

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                          "Made to Stick" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath is a good book about making our ideas memorable or "sticky." They outline 6 common traits of sticky ideas that increase their likelihood of being retained by consumers.


                          1. Simplicity

                          2. Unexpectedness

                          3. Concreteness

                          4. Credibility

                          5. Emotions

                          6. Stories


                          It's a concept that stands as a great litmus test in our age of content marketing.

                          Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die: Chip Heath, Dan Heath: 9781400064281: Amazon.com: Books

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                            Here are two that I've found useful this year


                            Copy writing: This year I focused on better -- not more -- content. I picked up the Copyhackers bundle from AppSumo for about 17 bucks and have referred to the books numerous times throughout the year. They are quick reads, some commonsense, but I find they help me focus on the important parts of conversion copy writing.


                            Agile: The Lean Startup: A nice framework for incorporating a rapid test and learn mindset to your marketing


                            Here's another that was good and actionable:


                            SEO, Social & Content Optimization: Optimize was a well-organized read. There's some rudimentary stuff, but a good general reference for a team who is focusing on developing a process for optimizing inbound and is just getting into content marketing.


                            I read many more, but the had limited impact on me (titles are in bold):


                            Managing Content Marketing - fine if you're looking for a process to manage and measure your workflow. Light on the hard part, which is coming up with compelling content that outshines your competitors and connects with your audience.


                            Revenue Disruption - I think this is Marketo's answer to Eloqua's Revenue Engine. It felt a lot more like Digital Body Language, five years later.


                            The Marketing Agency Blueprint - written by what I can only imagine is a cocky twenty-something enamored with his own ideas about modern marketing which he wrapped into a lame football stadium analogy. Reads like a final paper submitted in marketing 101.


                            The Challenger Sale: I read it because I like to get in the mind of sales people and understand where they're coming from. It was a bit overly harsh on relationship selling, but a good overview on a new approach to selling that a lot of companies and reps are adopting

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                              I am a fan of Avinash Kushik - mostly related to website analyitcs - many times i have quoted the garbage in = garbage out. I have also read the Landing Page Optimization and found it very insightful.

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                                Betsy Pruitt

                                Great thread, Bryan! I'm enjoying everyone's recommendations.


                                I read All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin last year, which talks about the importance of storytelling in marketing.  It's a few years old but still super relevant. http://amzn.to/ZlSr8c


                                Right now, I'm reading Rework by the founders of 37Signals and developers of Ruby on Rails.  I love the short, straight-to-the-point chapters about their approach to business. It's a great read for anyone who manages people. Rework: Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson: 9780307463746: Amazon.com: Books

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                                  Who's Brian?

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                                    Betsy Pruitt

                                    Doh!  So sorry, Bryan!  My first name is Elizabet (no h on the end), and I hate when people misspell my name.

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