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    Eloqua Wishlist/ Functionalities for Campaign Canvas


      Campaign Canvas wishlist: As eloqua already has most of this functionality in parts and components, it would be good to see this all on campaign canvas.

      This will deffinately help all users across all campaigns, minimizing time and effort to setup and execute campaigns.

      (The icons are fake, they do not exist, just a wishlist mockup )



                      Step                Functionality
                      Eloqua Wishlist.pngCampaign SchedulerCombining the functionality of program feeder along with Campaign settings.
             A/B/N Split

      Combining the functionality of Percent based routing and Email Batches. Giving options such as:
      1. Split by counts
      2. Split by Percentages

      3. Data/ Data Card Field values

      4. Split by Open/ Click thru winners over time. Example: 5,5,90

               Send NotificationA Notification step that allows us to send notifications, based on when the                campaign exection is complete. Few options:
      1. Notification to one or more email addresses, seperated by commas.
      2. Notification to Contact group(s), or user group(s).
      3. Notification to uploaded list of email addresses. (Can leverage contact upload wizard)
      4. An option to choose any emails to be used a notifications.
      5. Ability to choose sender or signature rule to send notificaitons.
          Multi-Channel DeliveryAbility to Send communications via 1 or more channels. The Options are:
      1. Email
      2. Direct Mail (May be into a some sort of list, with third party settings)
      3. SMS. (Internal or with third party settings)
      4. Phone Voicemail (To send voicemails, internal or with third party settings)
      5. Mobile version (If preferences available, otherwise based on responsive design)
      6. Fax (Internal or third party settings)
      7. To third party system wit configration settings.
      Upload wizard for Components Library

      1. Email Header

      2. Email Footer

      3. Shared Content

      4. Dynamic Content

      5. Signature Layout

      6. Signature Rule


      Any thoughts are welcome!!

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