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    Why Oracle is so bad in documentation?

      Just trying to let out my frustration !!

      Hopefully some Oracle folks can hear this and do something about it.

      Our inbound HTTP receive operation is experiencing some performance issues. We are getting about 10 secs/message throughput which is not acceptable to us. Struggled for a while to find the root cause. I suspected this has something to do with receiver polling interval as I noticed when I turned on the log, the HTTP receiver gets kicked off every 10 secs. But don't know where the polling interval was set.

      I had to open the HttpReceiverProperties.class from oai.jar to figure the parameter name to be "http.receiver.polling_interval". I set this to 100ms now we are getting about 3000 messages/hour throughput.

      What is your experience with HTTP adapter inbound processing? Please post your thoughts/ideas on this.

      Now I see the following other undocumented parameters there:


      I am not sure what they are for. Is there an alternative to RMI for the communication between TransportServlet and HTTP adapter?

      Thanks in advance.