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        Kristin Connell

        I've made several and seen more than several... My most recent was last year (yes, IMO, even after six years in the system, you can still make "rookie-like" mistakes).


        Last year, I modified all of our integration calls to sync on the 18 digit SFDC ID, tested and it appeared all good. However, I just discovered I forgot to remove the "use case sensitive comparison" criteria on our Company/Contact linkage (still an old school deduplication handler set). I have over 10K contacts w/ possibly suspect links to companies. DUH!


        Lesson? A second set of eyes on a test case matrix is always a good idea! GAH!


        One of the craziest I've ever seen? One user - at a VERY large enterprise client - deleted one of their many Hypersites. Not a landing page. Not 100 landing pages. The ENTIRE site! Of course, Eloqua was able to help them get it back online via the backup files, but it was chaotic for awhile! Lesson? ALWAYS read - and re-read - the pop-up warnings, especially before deleting!

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          Forgot to schedule a batch email and send it right away to thousand of contacts!!!

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            Accidentally clicking on " Send Plain Text Only" tickbox under the email setting. Proceed on to test on the HTML version and send out the email and thousands of text email were sent out instead of html ...

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              3 major rookie mistakes so far;


              1) Being the only person trained or working with Eloqua at our company. The implementation has been more than challenge. With ROI pressures to get campaigns out, the biggest rookie mistake i have made is prioritising the wrong things at the wrong time resulting in spreading myself a little thing.  I feel there is still a long road ahead to solve this particular issue however im getting a little better as I'm working out what process leads onto what, and what process's can be run in parallel .


              2) Requesting a password reset for the cloud connector site (not being allowed to set it to old password) i set it to something else. Unfortunately on the same day as a webinar invite went out. So all those who wanted to register for the webinar got stuck in the cloud connector waiting for the correct password. I luckily noticed about 45 mins before the webinar but i'm sure it affected attendance.


              3) Third mistake was not spending enough time on Topliners earlier in the year. Took a while to understand the possibility of getting such varied advice so easily.

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                Always, always back up your landing pages before copying and pasting updated code... especially for live pages.

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                  Building emails with 3 dozen text boxes and wondering why we have rendering problems.

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                    Echoing what many others have said. There's a lot of foundational work that needs to be done during day/week/month one (including setting up and understanding naming conventions, defining success metrics with the help of your immediate colleagues, etc.). Don't skip the groundwork -- it's important!

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                      Brian Boyd

                      ^ This - so true.

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                        Sterling Bailey-Oracle

                        Nearly deleting our entire EMEA nurture microsite. Yikes! Luckily it didn't happen but the scare did lead to a great feature called recovery checkpoints. 

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                          can't stress this enough - as much as naming conventions/folder structures... can get in the way - they are a blessing.

                          • 25. Re: Rookie Mistakes

                            Believing everything will work as normal after a release.  The Lucy to my Charlie Brown...

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                              When saving a form as a template in Eloqua you also need to save it as a form in the assets area because these are two different entities within Eloqua.  Either I missed this in my class or I completely forgot about it until I had to update templates.

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                                Tero Rantaruikka

                                Thinking that pdf. download tracking will work just by creating the link.

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                                  Jon Cooper

                                  Setting a field as mandatory during smart start and wondering why you have a draft error stating a field is mandatory!

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                                    Adding a filter to an active segment and forgetting to check its dependencies

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