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    sql-dev 4.1 EA - lost facility


      When opening files from your filesystem,  sqldev doesn't remember your "favorit" directory any longer - it did "remember" this in version 4.03


      Now you have to traverse all the way Down to the rigth place every time you want to access your files stored in your filesystem :-(


      regards Karsten

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          Can you provide a list of steps?


          For example:

          1. sql worksheet
          2. open file
          3. move around several directories...OK
          4. now go to open another file
          5. file dialog is in the directory from step 3
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            • sql worksheet
            • open file
            • you could compile it og something - save it and close it again
            • try to open an new file or the same in the same directory or one nearby - you then have to Work your way Down to the same directory through the directory tree and find the file again
            • In version 4.03 is was possible to choose from a couple of directories which you last visited (in the left pane of the open file dialog box, there was some directories to choose from)

            Not a serious "error" or loss of Facility but rather annoying


            regards Karsten