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    Import Receiving manually by using ROI  (using interface).


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to build a program about Receiving.




      after i commit the SQL. i execute Receiving Transaction Processor to process my data.


      the data in RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE is success


      but  the data in RCV_HEADERES_INTERFACE  return ERROR.


      the receiving shipment number I'm testing is already received part of the item from using standard form


      example:   total quantity is 5000.   we use standard form received 1000 and there still 4000 are waiting for received .


      in this condition, if next time we use Interface to Received the remaining item.


      should i insert the data in RCV_HEADERES_INTERFACE ?


      or just insert line's data in RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE?


      Please help.

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          Sanjay Desai EBS

          Yes, it is required to insert into RCV_HEADERS_INTERFACE (RHI)

          If you want to 'Add to Receipt' then you have to populate the column : RECEIPT_NUM into  RCV_HEADERS_INTERFACE .

          and If you want to take the new receipt for remaining items then you should left RECEIPT_NUM as NULL in RHI table.

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            but after i run the procedure Receiving Transaction Processor

            the colume RECEIPT_NUM  in table RCV_HEADERES_INTERFACE had already auto insert by procedure.

            and  RCV_HEADERES_INTERFACE's column RPOCESSING_STATUS_CODE get ERROR after run Receiving Transaction Processor

            is there any setting i should notice?

            if i already receiving once, column TRANSACTION_TYPE in RCV_HEADERS_INTERFACE  should set 'NEW' ? or 'ADD' ?


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              Sanjay Desai EBS

              Following is the sample script . It is used to take the receipt very first time.

              INSERT INTO rcv_headers_interface

                        (  header_interface_id

                         , group_id

                         , processing_status_code

                         , receipt_source_code

                         , transaction_type

                         , vendor_id

                         , vendor_site_id

                         , validation_flag

                         , expected_receipt_date

                         , shipment_num

                         , shipped_date

                         , packing_slip

                         , attribute_category          

                         , attribute1

                         , attribute2

                         , attribute3                                                                     

                         , attribute13

                         , last_update_date

                         , last_updated_by

                         , last_update_login

                         , creation_date

                         , created_by



                    SELECT rcv_headers_interface_s.NEXTVAL

                         , rcv_interface_groups_s.NEXTVAL

                         , 'PENDING'     -- Processing_Status_Code

                         , 'VENDOR'      -- Receipt_Source_Code,

                         , 'NEW'         -- Transaction_Type        

                         ,  v_vendor_id  -- vendor_id

                         ,  v_vend_site_id  -- vendor_site_id           

                         , 'Y'           -- Validation_Flag

                         ,  SYSDATE      -- Expected_Receipt_Date

                         ,  p_ship_num   --'Shipment_Num

                         ,  SYSDATE      -- Shipment_Date

                         ,  p_pack_slip_no --'Packing_Slip 

                         , 'India Receipt' -- Attribute Category           

                         ,  p_excise_num  --' Excise Invoice No.

                         ,  TO_CHAR(SYSDATE, 'DD-MON-YYYY')       -- Excise Invoice Date

                         , 'Y'           -- Claim Cenvat on Receipt

                         ,  'VAT'        -- Attribute13

                         , SYSDATE       -- last_update_date

                         , p_user_id     -- last_updated_by

                         , p_user_id     -- last_update_login  

                         , SYSDATE       -- creation_date

                         , p_user_id     -- created_by

                   FROM DUAL;

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                Sanjay Desai EBS



                For  'ADD TO RECEIPT'  thru ROI, Please go thru following MOS Documents.


                ROI How To Perform Add To Receipt Transaction Via Receiving Open Interface? (Doc ID 1947224.1)

                ROI Add To Receipt Functionality Does Not Work Even After Patch 18418058 PO_PDOI_RECEIPT_NUM_UNIQ (Doc ID 1929842.1)

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