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    For only 'Deliver' transaction when one step receiving is done.




      per clients business process, client performs one step receiving transaction manually.

      So this act produces 'Receive' entry in rcv_transactions table. So technically now we want to perform only 'Deliver' transaction.

      So, per Oracle Note 731097.1, I only populated rcv_transactions_interface table and didn't populated rcv_header_transaction table.


      After population of a test record in rcv_transactions_interface I ran 'Receiving transaction processor.'

      Every time I run the program, it isn't processing the record[ PROCESSING_STATUS_CODE - ERROR].

      When checked in PO_INTERFACE_ERRORS table, following error I'm getting;

      "Error: The SOURCE_DOCUMENT_CODE specified is invalid.  The value specified (PO) does not match the expected value (INVENTORY)."

      Where as actually my SOURCE_DOCUMENT_CODE is PO.

      Here is the insert statement for reference;

      INSERT INTO rcv_transactions_interface

                  (interface_transaction_id, parent_transaction_id, GROUP_ID,

                   last_update_date, last_updated_by, creation_date, created_by,

                   last_update_login, transaction_type, transaction_date,

                   processing_status_code, processing_mode_code,

                   transaction_status_code, po_header_id, po_line_id, item_id,

                   quantity, unit_of_measure, po_line_location_id,

                   auto_transact_code, receipt_source_code, to_organization_code,

                   source_document_code, header_interface_id, validation_flag,

                   org_id, subinventory, locator_id


           VALUES (585715, 662634,185818,

                   SYSDATE, 3625, SYSDATE, 3625,

                   0, 'DELIVER', SYSDATE,

                   'PENDING', 'BATCH',

                   'PENDING', 379023, 491608, 3,

                   10, 'EACH', 483726,

                   'DELIVER', 'VENDOR', 'K04',

                   'PO', NULL, 'Y',

                   82, 'DMATERIAL', 8



      Can anyone please guide me How shall I over come this error?