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    SQL Developer saving to wrong filename

    Ted Martin



      I am using SQL Developer build 15.21 on Windows7 Enterprise 64bit. Recently I have found that when I save the contents of the Script Output pane (by clicking on the floppy disc icon) and use the dialog box to select a file to overwrite, SQL Developer is actually overwriting a different file in the same directory.


      I have already tried restarting SQL Developer, restarting Windows and renaming the properties-preferences.xml file to force SQL Developer to re-create it (in case it was corrupted somehow) but I am still seeing the same behavior.


      My current workaround is to manually type in the name of the existing file in the "Save" dialog window to save a new copy.


      Anyone have any thoughts on what could be wrong and/or how I could try to fix this? I have searched the usual sources (google, this forum and My Oracle Support) but have not found anything similar except for "