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    OBIEE Mobile App Designer


      Good Morning all


      I am not logging this as a complaint, i just need to find out if other users also has the same experience.


      I installed the OBIEE Mobile App and is unhappy with the experience.


      1. Very limited on filtering and the overall development platform is not user friendly.


      2. The App itself is very unstable and riddled with bugs.


      Then the app works and then not get random java errors , my bi server stops working etc.


      Are you experiencing the same issues?





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          Gianni Ceresa

          Hi Rayno,

          Did you try to use a different browser and are you at the latest patch of BIMAD?

          Mainly if you are on IE I guess the patches fix compatibility with the various version of IE most of the time (Firefox and Chrome are better for that).


          I also remember your other issue having the dashboard to display only when all the analysis are loaded, so maybe you have something in your setup (network, proxy, browser version, corporate rules etc.) impacting the user experience of BIMAD (but not only) in such a negative way.


          I didn't spend weeks on it but never got BI Server crash because of BIMAD and random java errors (are we really talking about java or javascript?).

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            Hi Rayno,

            We are using Google Chrome with the latest version 2 of BIMAD. We found chrome was the best as per Gianni's comments above. What type of source data are you using for your mobile app? BI Subject Area, Data model etc?