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    OCI-22303: type not found

      I've created a new object type using SQL Plus using the following command:
      create type profile_Trigger_Data as object(Name VARCHAR2(30), PRIndex NUMBER(8));

      I know this object is successfully created as DESC profile_Trigger_Data is also to show all information about the attributes

      This object and the message, is enqueued whenever an INSERT is carried out on a table
      Now, in my OCCI code, I've tried to dequeue the message with the following code:

      oracle::occi::aq::Consumer hConsumer(Conn);

      oracle::occi::aq::Message *pMsg = &hConsumer.receive(oracle::occi::aq::Message::OBJECT,"Profile_Trigger_Data", "system");

      Unfortunately, an SQLException will always occur, with the following message
      OCI-22303: type "system"."profile_trigger_data" not found

      Anybody has any solution to this problem?