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    POCIRM Error while importing Requsition


      Hi Developers,


      There is a program created in oracle meant to import the PR.

      The program will trigger a program to first validate the record, and then it will call "Requsition Import" program to import the PR

      However, I encountered the following error upon the program running "Requisition Import" :


      Concurrent program POCIRM returned error


      Cause:        POCIRM encountered an internal error.  Parameters: REQIMPORT,AUTOIMPORT,367,ALL,,Y,N,


      Action:        Note both this error number and the actions you are trying to perform. Contact y

      POCIRM-222: ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("PO"."PO_REQUISITION_HEADERS_ALL".



      In po_requisitions_interface_all, the process flag is "IN PROCESS", so I got no clue how to debug what's wrong..


      Anyone can pls advise me, appreciate your help!


      Thank you