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    disabling and enabling a push button on oracle 10g tabular block


      Hi all,


      I am not sure if I am writting in the right place.. Actually I have a question regarding oracle 10g forms. I have tried  a number of solution while I was searching in the internet but I couldn't  solve my issue.


      I have created a tabular block where I can display my data. In each row I have a button that dispalys LOV according to the specified category by the user. To explain more I have an lov button that have to be enabled and disabled on an each row level depending on the condition I have ..



      MY CODE is the following


      If :blk.item = 1 then


           set_item_property ('block.item', current_record, enabled, property_true);




           set_item_property ('block.item', current_record, enabled, property_false);


      end if;


      I have tried it in when_new_record_instance, post_query, when_validate_record, post_change  triggers .. it didn't work either it disables all or enables all and I want that on each record level ... I aslo I have tried with set_item_instance_property .



      Waiting for your replies