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    Date not correctly passing from Drill 1 table to Drill 2 table


      Drill 1 table Columns -> Shipped_date(full_date), Ordered_Items

      Drill 2 table Columns -> Shipped_date, Ordered_Items, Order_Type

      Drill 2 table Filters -> end_date and other filters.

      Here when a user clicks on Shipped_date(full_date) where this is full date the drill 2 table needs to be opened. I have used an action link to pass from drill 1 to drill 2.

      When the drill 2 table opens up the shipped date i.e full date needs to get filtered based on end_date. Means the full_date from drill 1 needs to get passed to the end_date filter in drill 2.

      * Both Drill 1 table and Drill 2 table are joined to different facts

      * The Date column has different date key joins in both drills. So Drill 2 table Shipped_date is an alias of date table. So Shipped_date column in both tables are different.

      What I have tried are below options which are not working.

      So in order to pass full_date from drill 1 to drill 2 to end_date

      1.Used full_date filter and said is prompted in drill 2 - but not getting expected results

      2.Created another filter report where used the full_date from alias table column in criteria and used same filter as is prompted. And gave this filter report to drill 2 table for end_date as result from another analysis - but not getting expected results.

      Is there any other approach I could try to make this work.