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    Patch 20133080:R12.PO.D compatible with 12.1.3


      Hi, we are encountering the Bug 20133080, that cancels the PR line if the PO line is cancelled.

      Our EBS is 12.1.3, but this patch 20133080:R12.PO.D stated that it was for 12.2.3.


      however upon checking the patch details README File (https://updates.oracle.com/Orion/Services/download?type=readme&aru=18420063):

      For 12.0.X / 12.1.X / pre-upgrade patches (using adpatch), you must shut down all Application tier services before performing the tasks in this section.


      so does this mean that it's also compatible with 12.1.3? it's kind of confusing.


      if it isn't compatible, is there an existing patch for 12.1.3?

      if there isn't a patch for 12.1.3, where can i request a patch?


      i logged an SR at MOSC asking the same questions but they didn't really give me an outright answer.


      thank you!