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    Clickable dropdown in OBIEE


      background info: OBIEE, Oracle BI answers.

      The business asked us to create an dashboard with clickable links as a menu.

      So in the dashboard we’ve created a presentation variable with multiple selections from which one can be selected. This works as a variable for the report. In the report we’ve created sections for all the options in the menu that are activated by a condition. The condition report contains a filter that states: the variable from the menu is equal to ‘my filter’. That way it produces a row for the rowcount.

      The reports that are show in the section contain clickable links (drill through), that contain parameters as well, to another dashboard page. So this is all working well.

      actual question

      But now... they’ve requested to create a drop down menu in order to have a ‘shortcut’ to the drill through reports. Problem is as far as I know there isn’t a possibility to create a prompt that can link to a report, nor can it pass parameters values.

      An other option could be to create a new variable and if that one is activated it redirects the page to the other ‘dashboard page’.


      What would guys you recommend?

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          Thanks Veeravalli for you reply.

          Currently my report is just build as you suggested in your link.


          Users can click on the menu which shows a KPI category selecting.

          By clicking on the selecting the 'report condition' is rendered and the appropiate section is shown. This reportsection contains multiple KPI reports. Each report contains a (drill through) to another detail report.



          Now Im searching for a way to create an extra dropdown filter so that users can instantly go to the detail report.

          Problem is that the drill through also contains variables and an URL.


          So what I need to do is somehow navigatie to another page after clicking on the drop down menu. Therefore I need to somehow pass an URL or/ and variables.


          Hopefully I described the situation better.


          Looking forward for your creativity.

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            I've gotten one step further. \

            As shown in this thread Drilling from a report to another report in a different subject area


            I've decided to go for a table that is clickable and each row must have an unique link.

            Via column properties, data format, it is possible to enter your own text.


            I've managed to link from the table with a drill through to another report, syntax is here below.


            "<font class="Nav" onclick=\"JavaScript:GoNav(event,'/shared/test/floorspace','sTbl','sCol','"@"');\">"@"</font?";;@"


            Now I need to adjust this syntax to get it working with another dashboard, therefore we need to use the PortalPageNav function. But I cant get the syntax working.


            "@[html] "<font class="Nav" onclick=\"JavaScript:function parent.PortalPageNav(event, '/shared/test/_portal/Management Informatie/'   , 'test_dashboard'   , 'KPI'   , 'Name'   , 'Contract' ;\">"Contract"</font?";;@"

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              Did you consider the option I suggested in your cross-post here: oracle11g - Clickable dropdown in Obiee - Stack Overflow i.e. use action links, with navigate to bi content?

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                Hi Rmoff, thanks for your input. Yes I've considered it and done a few tests.

                Good to know for other situations but for this one I'm focussed on something else. Problem is that they requested for a dropdown and I've got approx 50 KPI's which the name can also change over time, so therefore I prefer dynamic names.