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    How multi language works in obiee


      Hi Gurus,


      I am using BI Apps Can anybody please explain how multi language works in obiee.



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          Translation of OBIEE web catalog (It includes Dashboard ,Page Name , Report name , Prompt Label , etc..,)


          Step 1: Export as a Caption file

          Open the Presentation Catalog   with catalog manager

          Choose Tools > Export Captions


          Step 2:

          Translate the label to corresponding language like below example


          In the below example BOLD one is translated text .Like that you need to add corresponding language text


          <WebMessage name="kcap1401714304461_1" status="new" use="Caption">

                <TEXT>Shared Folders</TEXT>

                <Text>[PX][Shared Folders ئ]</Text>



          Step 3 : Deployed Translated Caption XML to corresponding language path


          suppose you need to Arabic language , then below one is Arabic Language deployment path




          Under msgdb folder you need to create l_ar and captions folder .


          step 4:

          Restart OBIEE Presentation service


          Step 5 :

          While log in OBIEE url , select - corresponding language


          More details refer below link


          Localizing Oracle Business Intelligence