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    iProcurement - "mass upload" for non-catalog request


      I want to find a way to do a "mass upload" when creating a non-catalog request.


      Some back ground; I am not A DBA or a software developer; I am an engineering manager. I work for a large company and have responsibilities for creating Purchase Requisitions. I work from vendor quotes that contain many lines items, and always do non-catalog request because I often get special pricing or simply have non-catalog items. There are several fields on the requisition web page that need to be populated and it's quite cumbersome and time consuming to copy and paste 6 different data fields for 50+ line items. Since these are fields on a web page that correlate to some back end database there must be a way to populate them more quickly and easily, with an upload template, or via an API.


      It is very, very difficult to find the proper internal resources to help me address this problem, and when I do find the right people I'm pretty sure I'll be told "it can't be done" I don't believe it can't be done. It may be difficult, it may require some work, it may require some development efforts, but from a purely technical point of view, populating multiple data fields with minimal user input is certainly doable. I want to be armed with solutions when I finally find the right people at my company. So, anybody out there figure this one out already? Once I do I'll be glad to share but hoping it's a know and fixed issue.