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    Creating User-Defined Functions in SLM


      Hi All,


      One of the features available in supplier life-cycle management is the User-Defined Functions (Actions) that are associated with attribute groups.

      In the Oracle supplier life-cycle management implementation and administration guide page 65 Oracle mentions the following:


      Creating User-Defined Functions


      To define your own custom logic, you can add user-defined functions and actions to

      existing attribute groups. By first setting up user-defined attributes, you can then

      execute user-defined functions with those attributes.

      User-defined functions can be Java, URL, or PL/SQL functions. Functions use input

      and/or output parameters of various data types such as string, integer, or Boolean. You

      can also map these parameters to attributes and object primary key values. Actions are

      trigger points for functions displayed as buttons or links on the page. You can

      determine the conditional visibility of the button and the label displayed on the button

      itself. You can also prompt the user based on the user's input.



      It is not clear enough what are the main features of this and what are the limitations.


      Is there any white paper or document explaining this?


      I have many requirements in the prospective supplier registration page and maybe this feature will help instead of doing any customization.