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    5000 rows limit in script SQL Dev


      Hi everyone,

      I just downloaded this new version and I can't change the 5000 rows limit.

      I changed the option in Tools\pref\database\datasheet\... but without any effect.

      Is there a bug in this version ?

      WIs there a config file I could change directly ?




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          It works for me when changing the 'Max Rows to print in a script' under Tools/Preferences/Database/Worksheet. Though it seems that upon SQL Developer startup, its built-in default value (5000) takes precedence. This setting takes effect only if you change its value (eg. increase it by 1) after starting SQL Developer.


          When setting it to 10000, the following command gives me 10000 rows, as expected:


            select *

            from all_objects;



          Software versions used:

          SQL Developer version:

          Oracle JDK: 1.8.0_31, 64bit, Linux

          Instant client: x64- (tested with and without the instant client)