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    Action Link with conditional formatting


      Hi everyone,


      I have a client requirement that is:


      1. Create a new analysis
      2. On one measure call a web service (action link)
      3. This measure should have conditional formatting
      4. When the user clicks on this measure value, then conditional formatting should be lost


      Does anyone have any idea on how to o this?



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          For time being create create 2 reports 1 with conditional format and other without and onlick call 2nd report.

          or else go with JavaScript or CSS

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            Thanks for the response!


            I can't have two reports because my measure column has many values and I only want the clicked value to lose it's formatting.

            I'm trying with CSS and JavaScript.



            I was thinking of having a function in the dashboard to do this but I don't see how to call the function in the measure column. If it was text I could call it in the "Data Format" tab for the column properties.


            I think that the class that uses action links is .PTL from "views.css":

            <a class="PTL" onclick="return PTPBAct(this, event)">100</a>

            Where 100 is the measure.


            This is the data that I could find.. but do you any idea on what values from the css I should change?



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              Gianni Ceresa

              Hi DMMSilva ,

              There are few things you are not saying about that "requirement" like what is the persistence of that behavior?

              If User A run the analysis at 10AM see the conditional formatting, then run the action and the formatting goes away. What will the user see if he come back on the analysis at 2PM? What will User B see if he run the analysis at 11AM?

              Why am I asking that?

              Because OBIEE is a tool display information, so if you don't store somewhere a flag saying "hey, the webserver call was already done" OBIEE will not be able to remind it for you.

              With JS/CSS you can probably get what you are looking for when running the analysis, but every single time you refresh it you start again from scratch.