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    issue with Pivot Table


      Hi Experts,


                    i have pivot table it contains time and measure columns like a,b,c,d=(c/a)*100.the measure columns sum is based on group by time and also at the end of pivot i need to show to the customers Total sum(a),sum(b),sum(c),sum(d)  based on group by time.now my query is in a,b,c columns showing correct total(rowwise)  but the d column is taking first time stamp value only.for that column its not taking d=sum(c)/sum(a)*100



      time  9.00 to 9.15                           10.00 to 10.30      11.30 to 12.30          Total

              a     b     c   d(c/a)                  a    b    c   d           a   b  c   d            a     b  c     d

              10    3     5   2%                    5    2    5   1%          8  4   8   1%       23    9  18    2%(its giving first time stamp value  but here d needs to give sum(c)/sum(d) (18/25)) how can we


      achieve this.can any one suggest to me its urgent