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    Not able to login to analytics



      I am configuring AD authentication for OBIEE. So far


      In AD Server, I have some groups setup like (FinancialUsers, EAMUsers, ProjectUsers etc...)


      1. In console, security realms --> myrealm --> providers, I added a ADProvider of type ActiveDirectoryAuthenticator. Provided the provider specific details.

      2. Set its control flag to SUFFICIENT and saved. Changed the control flag of the Default Authenticator to OPTIONAL. Reordered the providers to ADProvider then Default Authenticator and then Default IdentityAsserter.

      3. Restarted the whole domain.

      4. Refreshed GUIDs.

      5. Restarted the whole domain.


      I am able to see the groups I set up previously  in the AD server. ( when logged in to the console). But When I try to login to the analytics, it says invalid username or password. This is for both weblogic user as well as any AD user. Please let me know what I am missing.