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    Issues Exporting to Excel or CSV

    Ray Kelly

      We have a pivot table based on a subject area.  The pivot table has 4 columns  (Column A, Column B, Column C, Column D)

      Column A and Column B are set to Suppress duplicate values.


      Column AColumn BColumn CColumn D
      Company ADept AEmployee 1


      Employee 2$75
      Dept BEmployee 3$99
      Employee 4$23
      Company BDept AEmployee 5$120
      Employee 6$47


      The user made column A hidden and the pivot table correctly grouped by Column B.



      When the user exports the following to Excel 2007, they are not able to filter the columns because the values for Column B are merged.  Excel will not filter properly on merged cells.

      When the user exports the following to CVS, the hidden column is displayed and it should not be.

      The "actual" table is larger and has more hidden columns, so this issue because quite cumbersome.

      As per Oracle, it is by design that exporting to CSV will include all columns (even hidden ones).


      Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to change the Suppress/Repeat flag when exporting to Excel 2007 so cells are not merged and all fields are filled with values


      is there a way to actually HIDE the hidden columns when exporting to CSV?  FYI.  I tried "excluding" columns with the same effect.