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    Smart Form - Req price amendment




      Please can someone provide me with guidance in relation to the below query we have recently received from an internal user.


      User is adamant that functionality of a Smart Form (Rail Travel) had the capability to amend the price on the requisition once it had been submitted but then returned by the Buyer. The current status of the system is not allowing any pricing amendment as the 'Unit Price' is a mandatory field when first completing the form and displays as a read only field in the edit and attachment side of the system, however the 'Amount' can be overtyped but when saved, reverts back to the original 'Unit Price'. We applied some patches to our systems at the beginning of January which may have knocked this functionality out; however, neither we nor the business have any proof/evidence. I believe the only work around would be to cancel the requisition and create a new one or change the price on the PO, however, I'd like confirmation before going back to the customer.


      Many Thanks

      Danny Tyson