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    Sql Developer, connect database using DNS (not Tns)


      Dear ALL


      Is possible connect Oracle Database using DNS (  not tns ),  through SQL Developer ?


      In my tests was not possible.


      My network service DNS, contains the host name equal the name of the database service.

      [for example orcl: 1521 / orcl ] - so ping orcl is ok.


      Thus, when my users is not necessary to configure or know database service door.


      Just use orcl for name the database, because DNS resolve and redirecting for orcl:1521/orcl .


      In other tools, the user, can  enter only the name ORCL.


      Is possible configuration in SQL Developer - last version?




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          Jim Smith

          I'm not aware of any way to make oracle use DNS for name resolution.   However if the hostname is the same as the SID and the default port (1521) is used then the EZCONNECT syntax lets you specify just the host name.


          For example,  sqlplus u/p@orcl


          You don't say what connection details you are trying to use in SQL Developer, or what error you are receiving.

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            In my tests was not possible

            And what, exactly, does 'not possible' mean?


            Post the FULL details including


            1. sql dev version

            2. DB version

            3. connection details you are using/trying - including the type (basic, oci, etc) of connection

            4. platform name and version

            5. what 'tests' you are referring to that you tried and the EXACT results you got

            6. the results of 'tnsping' to your db from the sql dev platform

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              Turloch O'Tierney-Oracle

              Hi Mikirshi,


              Works in the 'connect' command in SQLDeveloper and command line.

              Does not work in SQLDeveloper graphical command where you fill in test and save port host and service details in a graphical user interface.



              SQLDeveloper Team


              Tip - you can name your service name whatever you like and set it as the default

              - this is how @machine works for XE 64bit for windows, where the service name =XE