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    Ame support issue


      Hi Guys


      Sorry if this is a generic question.I've been tasked for a few weeks with some support for AME.I've been trying to learn it but am realizing its not as easy or simple as people say.


      I have a 2 issues but just one real question.


      Lets assumed we are talking about either the PO Req workflow or the iexpense APEXP workflow.


      Can you please just list out what setups do I need to check to figure out how the approval list will get created?. I'm not looking for someone to do my work for meJust wanna

      know for any transaction how do i determine the approval list creation? which setups affect that?.I don't understand the approval group hierachy .


      I have a few tickets where a wrong supervisor is getting the approvals sent to him/her. and in another case I have to make it so 3 new people have their expense reports approved

      by a certain manager(who raised the ticket).


      I can solve them both only if I can figure out how the approval list is actually created.


      Thanks and sorry if this is a very random and stupid question.