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    How to change the font size for Printing?

    Manoj Dixit



      I have a page that contains Analyses for different fact tables. The page has two prompts -- Day and Country. Users can select a Day and a Country at a time.


      The analyses display information like sales by sales person, targets by city, goods returned by area code, etc. ---- all for a day and the applicable granularity of the Country dimension.


      I am displaying the values selected by users at the top of the page. 


      While printing I want to print the values selected by the users using a larger font as when the page is printed, the font is too small.


      I have tried two ways.


      1. Display presentation variables (pv_date and pv_country) as section name. Set the font size 20.

           Result: On screen looks larger but when printed too tiny.

      2. Within a section, added Text. Used the presentation variables and set the font size to 10 when the Text is marked as html.

           Result: On the screen looks larger, but when printed too tiny.


      I tried another approach. Created an Analysis containing two columns - Day and Country. Inserted filters - is prompted. Used a narrative view with font size 20.

           Result: Did not try the printing as OBIEE uses a fact table to join the two dimensions and if there is no data, displays no result.


      So, is there any way where we can PRINT the user accepted values where we can define the font size? Could you please let me know?


      Thank you.